Organizational Chart

Name Designation
Dr. Nimfa R. Lago, CESO VI Schools Division Superintendent
 Lorena P. Serrano, CESO VI Assistant Schools Division Superintendent
Delma R. Denapo Administrative Officer V
Anna Daphe C. Mugar, CPA Accountant III
Marites C. Suminguit Administrative Officer V/Budget Officer
Alden M. Antonio Information Technology Officer I
Ronie E. Senarillos Supply Officer II
Eleanor A. Bellingan Administrative Officer IV
Krizza Lorraine E. Duhaylungsod Administrative Officer IV
Carelyn L. Villegas Administrative Officer II
Geraldine C. Benghit Administrative Officer II
Eldon H. Ocampos Administrative Assistant III
Administrative Assistant III
Virginia U. Fernandez Administrative Assistant III
Christine F. Burlat Administrative Assistant III
Lovely Marygold A. Calatrava Administrative Assistant III
Administrative Assistant III
Leonila S. Urbano Administrative Assistant III
Amie Fel M. Galariana Administrative Assistant III
Ronelie D. Silada Administrative Assistant III
Kee Jay T. Pondoc Administrative Assistant III
Ana Lou B. Flores Administrative Assistant II
Janrey M. Arabejo Administrative Assistant I
Delilah L. Laping Administrative Aide VI
Rowena B. Sumagang Administrative Aide VI
Jocelyn P. Dimpaso Administrative Aide VI
Maria Charlyn G. Sarto Administrative Aide I
Wilson A. Lopez Administrative Aide I/Detailed
Richard L. Torillo Administrative Aide IV/Driver
John Mike C. Alduhesa Job Order
Marilou Ewican Job Order
Jean Ewican Job Order
Erwin C. Maghinay Job Order
Joseph Henry S. Sarto Job Order
Name Designation
Chief, Curriculum and Implementation Division
Romel E. Huertas Education Supervisor I
Danilo U. Omega Education Supervisor I
Roger F. Duhaylungsod Education Supervisor I
Efleda D. Enerio Education Supervisor I
Puriza L. Legaspi Education Supervisor I
Porferio A. Mosiquera Education Supervisor I
Lorna C. Penonal Education Supervisor I
Relita P. Decina Education Supervisor I
Wilfredo B. Canete Education Supervisor I
Gina L. Mandawe Education Supervisor I
Jomah Lee U. Jakosalem Education Program Specialist II
Marilou S. Galvez Project Development Officer II
Binepie M. Tapao Librarian II
Julius C. Estrella Job Order
Name Designation
Chief, SGOD
Senior Education Program Specialist (M&E)
Reneboy G. Roxas Senior Education Program Specialist (HRTD)
Dr. Geric O. Entia Medical Officer III
Dr. Jun Clifford C. Estrella Dentist
Dorothy P. Neri Planning Officer III
Bride Joy M. Candano Education Program Specialist II
Liegh S. Enayo Education Program Specialist II
Winnie T. Mendoza, RN Nurse
Cecille Louelle A. Gulbe, RN Nurse
Lourben Mae O. Lumasag, RN Nurse
Arniel B. Mehoy Project Development Officer I
Joel A. Caga-anan Administrative Aide VI

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